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About Us

SMARANA SAVERS CLUB  offers discounts to consumers in USA and Canada. SMARANA SAVERS CLUB
is owned and operated by SMARANA For Special Needs. Every member of SMARANA and  SMARANA Savers Club team is committed to provide quality products and services at affordable prices to consumers. 
SMARANA For Special Needs is focused and committed to make a diffrence at all levels of our community by building stronger bond between consumers and business on one side and building stronger community by helping non profit /charitable organizations serving mentally disabled on the other.
The mission of the SMARANA for Special Needs is to enhance the quality of life of people who have Moderate to Severe Mental Challenges, Developmental Challenges, including Micro Cephalic and Autism with the vocational skills training required for survival in the current renewable energy economy. And once their parents/ care givers or loved ones take their eternal journey, to provide a safe haven for these special needs people in a group home setting by creating a very home like atmosphere.      
We look forward to serving you. Please provide your feed back as to how we can improve our service by sending us your comments.